Exercise…..the Work of the Devil.

Ok, So we all know that diet fads don’t really work and that the only real solution is to …..ugh…..exercise and watch food intake. That’s right, a magical pill doesn’t exist. I have seen pills that help speed up metabolism but you have to use these in conjunction with a diet and exercise plan.  I take one of these….cracks me out of my mind for about 3 hours. I’m hoping that it will help. Been watching my calories (under 1200) and trying to exercise. I think I would rather chew broken glass than lift weights or run on a never ending treadmill. But I want that awesome body, like everyone else. So, I have sold my soul to the devil and am no longer enjoying food and free time. He said if I use the elliptical in my garage that I will get skinny. If he’s lying…I’m gonna crawfish and shoot that devil in the ass.