I’ll Be Back

So, I’ve been at my new workout routine for two weeks. I’ve started Jamie Eason’s Live Fit 12 week program. I found it on Bodybuilding.com. It’s a beast for sure and I’ve only just finished with week two. I’m not a very fit person so this is new to me. You know, not being able to move your legs without feeling like you just sprinted up Mt. Everest. Ya, that kind of feeling.

My very significant other is no less than pure fitness awesomeness, so that’s at least some motivation to continue moving forward with the program.  I totally recall starting two weeks ago with tons of get-up-and-go. It left somewhere in the middle of my lunges and squats. I haven’t seen it. BTW squats are Gods punishment for sitting on my ass for so long. Anyways, I managed to push through the last of my exercises for the week but not without screaming in the gym like a barbarian. Glad Tim wasn’t there for that. I did, however, manage to scare my dog Luna into hiding. She hasn’t come out yet.

One of the worst things about this program is the diet. It really sucks. I stay hungry and the food choices are less than palatable for me. It nearly puts me into predator mode at which time I will eat anything in sight.

The workouts and healthy diet are giving me more energy though and that is a huge plus. My depression is taking a back seat and that is definitely a welcome change.

The workouts are changing this week. I am adding a workout on the sixth day. So, that takes out a rest day.  I think I will write more when I finish the first phase in another two weeks.

I think that I’ve provided enough Schwarzenegger references for one post. So, I will bid you farewell until the end of days….or at least until another post.  Enjoy 🙂